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MisterMiceGuy has mouse pups available regularly. If you’re interested in adopting a mouse from me please reach out using the contact page for availability. MisterMiceGuy primarily breeds mice for fun and education and makes no profit from the sales of mice. Please contact me about current available pups.

Adoption fee is $15 for a premium quality mouse.

I accept reservations and payment through paypal.

I am currently working on 2 lines of mice. One line is bred for thick texel fur and docile temperaments. The other line has been hybridized with wild mice to produce mice of unusually small size and these are called Micro Mice.

Micro mice are the derived from both wild and domestic stock and are not currently available for adoption. When the temperament and quality of the mice mice improves they will become available.

If you would like a custom order of mice, ie a certain quantity or specific traits, please contact me for a custom quote. Otherwise mice are available as they are produced and on a first come first serve basis.

MisterMiceGuy mice will be on preventative treatment for internal and external parasites.