My first 15 days of Graduate School

So I’m taking a quick brake this morning to make some edits to my website. I really like how things are developing. I felt a bit lost as to what to do with my MisterMiceGuy stuff but I think I’ve been slowly figuring it out. MisterMiceGuy is definetly not finished and more will be coming !

As for graduate school man have I been busy! So far nothing has been incredibly hard. How I have described it so far is that there are a lot of balls to juggle. Each ball isn’t particularly difficult to manage its just that there are a lot of them moving all at the same time. That’s where the challenge comes in.

Its also been a challenge because of the coronavirus. We have to wear masks everywhere on campus and including the downtown area. Which is a pain in the butt and my ears are sore from wearing a mask all the time. Additionally I have to self-test for the virus twice a week and submit my results. All of this is a pain but its manageable.